Некоторая информация о возвращаеммых данных

  • NetworkId - Идентификационный номер оператора. (Identification number of the network operator (The network identity, NID in CDMA and MNC in GSM)
  • DisplayTag - The alpha-tag of the network operator
  • Network Mode
    • Unregistered - мобильник не зарегистрироан (Mobile device is not registered)
    • GSM/GPRS - GSM/GPRS or DCS1800 network
    • AMPS - AMPS network
    • IS-95 - CDMA (IS-95) network
    • CDMA2000 - CDMA (cdma2000) network
    • WCDMA - WCDMA (UTRA Frequency Division Duplex (FDD)) network
    • TD-CDMA - TD-CDMA (UTRA Time Division Duplex (TDD)) network
    • Unknown - Network mode is unknown
  • NetworkStatus - Indicative (you cannot acces other networks seen by the phone currently, the network seen is the onne you are locked on)
    • Unknown - Status is unknown
    • Available - A network that the mobile device is allowed to register to
    • Current - Currently registered network
    • Forbidden - A network that the ME is not allowed to register to
  • CountryCode - Identification number of the country (network MCC)
  • AreaCode - Location area code, (can be different for each operator in the same area)

For GSM/WCDMA Networks:

  • Network Access Technology
    • GSM - The access technology is GSM
    • GSM COMPACT - The access technology is GSM COMPACT. However GSM COMPACT systems which use GSM frequency bands but with the CBPCCH broadcast channel are considered as a separate access technology from GSM
    • UMTS - The access technology is UTRAN (UMTS Network)
    • Unknown - This is used when there is no network activity and therefore no RAT active
  • CellId - The cell identity code
  • ShortName - The short name (up to 8 characters) of the network operator
  • LongName - The long name (up to 16 characters) of the network operator

For (Td)CDMA Networks:

  • BandInfo: Mobile phone network band information. Example: 800MHz Band C

For AMPS and (Td)CDMA Networks:

  • CdmaSID: On CDMA networks, the system identity (SID) of the CDMA or AMPS network
>>> elocation.extended_gsm_location()
{{'NetworkId': u'02', 'DisplayTag': u'MegaFon', 'NetworkMode': 'GSM/GPRS', 'NetworkStatus': 'Current', 'CountryCode': u'250', 'AreaKnown': 1, 'AreaCode': 1651, 'NetworkAccessTechnology': 'GSM', 'LongName': u'MegaFon', 'ShortName': u'', 'CellId': 48281}

Возвращает imsi смартфона


Return a string indicating the status of the phone registration on the cellular network. See Symbian documentation CTelephony::TRegistrationStatus.

  • ERegistrationUnknown - Registration status is unknown.
  • ENotRegisteredNoService - Not registered. The ME can not detect any other networks and is not currently searching a new operator to register to.
  • ENotRegisteredEmergencyOnly - Not registered. The ME can detect other networks on which it is possible to make emergency calls only.
  • ENotRegisteredSearching - Not registered, but the ME is currently searching a new operator to register to.
  • ERegisteredBusy - Registered, network busy.
  • ERegisteredOnHomeNetwork - Registered on home network.
  • ERegistrationDenied - Registration denied.
  • ERegisteredRoaming - Registered, roaming.
>>> elocation.get_registration_status()
>>> elocation.gsm_location()
(u'250', u'02', 1651, 5, 1)

Возвращает версию установленного модуля

>>>elocation.version() elocation v.0.2.7_d